November 20: Dry Pattern for this Week

Dry is the best way to describe the weather this week. A few disturbances will pass by, bringing cooler air in but no rain.  This morning was the coldest it’s been so far this season. The previous coldest day was yesterday at 29°.


The cold air produced some “frost flowers” this morning.  Heather posted this photo on my facebook page. Frost flowers are formed when temperatures fall below freezing but the ground is still warm enough that the plant’s root system is alive. The plants draw water from their roots and it flows to the stem. In the stem the moisture freezes and the tiny ice crystals burst out the the thin stem and form these little ice sculptures. They don’t last long, but they are beautiful.

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A south wind will help keep the temperatures up through tomorrow. Temperatures will fall into the 30s by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon will be partly cloudy and milder, with a high in the lower 60s.

A dry cold front slides by Wednesday, that will lower the temperatures in the afternoon to near 50 degrees. So, the rest of the week looks perfect for holiday travel or staying right here in the Mid State. Thanksgiving Day should be wonderful, just a little cool with a high in the low 50s.


Friday things start to warm again to near 60 degrees in the afternoon. The weekend is looking good too. Saturday partly cloudy high in the mid 60s. Sunday another dry front brings cooler air into the area.

7 Day PM.png

I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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  1. Fred says:

    It may still be early but all forecasts indicate a smooth sailing until the end of the month, with lots of sunshine and mostly dry conditions. This is unusual, as in November, there’s a definite trend for more cloudiness and rain as the month wears on (an unofficial start of the cloudier season is around Nov. 13). November 2017 seems to have reversed the trend, since for the first 18 days, Nashville logged 12 cloudy days and only 2 fair ones, with the combined sky cover of 140, which translates to 78% of the sky being covered by clouds on any given day, a way above of what can be expected this time of a year. However, even if the remainder of the month will be all fair (doubtful), we won’t be anywhere near the record territory, as far as clear conditions are concerned for the month of November. In the modern history of meteorological observations in our city, November 1976 tops the list with 18 fair days. In this century, it was in 2001, when 16 such days were recorded. The all-time record is 21, from way back in 1916.

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