Sunshine Tries to Return & Timing of Late Week Storms

It’s mid autumn in Middle Tennessee.  That means pretty leaves, cooler air, and an often busy weather pattern.  This week will be no exception.

The first issue we’re watching this morning is the cloud cover….and when it’ll move out.  Most of us this morning have clouds.  Southern sections of the Mid State (down toward the Alabama border) do have some sunshine.

Here’s the way it looks in Nashville.


This shows a brighter sky over Lawrenceburg!


Below, you can easily make out where the cloud deck is…

DT SATRAD3D Zooms.png

This time of year, because the sun’s rays aren’t very strong, low clouds have difficulty clearing.  I expect the clouds to clear soonest today across our southern counties.  On the flip side, people throughout northeastern Middle Tennessee and south-central Kentucky may keep clouds all day long! Take a look at how FUTURECAST is handling the clearing…

Where it stays completely cloudy, it’ll remain very cool — in the 40s.  Here’s a look at temperatures late this afternoon:

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2.png

Those areas that don’t clear out today will clear tonight.  That’ll make for a very cold morning tomorrow — in the 20s & 30s.  Frost should be widespread, too.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2b

Then, tomorrow, sunshine will be large and in charge!


On Wednesday, clouds will return to the Mid State.  As a cold front pushes through Wednesday afternoon & evening, we’ll have a few light showers.  Thursday will be pleasant in general.  Then, after a warm and windy day with isolated showers Friday, rain and thunderstorms will move in.

It’s still very unclear exactly when we’ll have those thunderstorms though.  They could arrive as early as Friday evening and as late as Saturday morning.  Either way, there could be a few strong ones, with gusty wind.  Thankfully, this system is still several days away allowing the computer models (what we look at to base our forecasts) plenty of time to “settle their differences” so to speak.

Join us today on News 4 at noon.  I’ll have more information to look at by that time to fine tune the forecast for all of the above!

Make it a great Monday!


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