No Big Deal Today, but Something to Watch for Friday

A few showers are likely in the Mid State today.  However, a much more important weather system’s expected to roll through Middle Tennessee late on Friday, with potentially strong thunderstorms.

This morning, 4WARN Live Doppler Radar shows a few showers and sprinkles over our western counties, sliding eastward.


It’s cloudy in most areas…


Temperatures are a solid 20 degrees higher than this time yesterday, too!….thanks to the clouds and a light south wind.


Temperatures will be held down today in response to that cloud deck.  We’ll have highs generally in the mid-upper 50s.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

Kickoff weather for the Titans/Bengals game will be cool, but typical of November.


FUTURECAST shows how insignificant today’s rain is likely to be.

SO……it’s not a bad idea to take an umbrella today.  However, most of you reading this will carry it around as opposed to use it.

The rain will move out tonight, allowing for sunshine to return tomorrow.  Sunshine will remain in complete control on Tuesday!


After an opportunity for a few more showers late Wednesday into Thursday, Friday will turn windy and warmer.  Tremendous wind energy will move in at all levels of the atmosphere along with a strong cold front.  If it warms and gets humid enough on Friday, Friday night will bring a band of scattered thunderstorms, some of which could contain damaging wind gusts.


It’s too early to get fancy trying to pinpoint exact timing.  It’s quite possible the threat for severe weather will fizzle for Friday as we head through the week….as Friday’s still a long way off.  However, this is definitely something we’ll have to keep tabs on moving forward.  Be sure to check back with us on News 4 often.  When you’re away from your TV set, remember to watch us on and on the News 4 app.

Alan Frio and I are back on News 4 between 8am and 9am.  We’d love to have you join us!  I’ll share a lot more detail on the week ahead, including Friday’s storm potential.  Alan will talk about the biggest news stories from overnight.



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