Next Week: Roller Coaster Temperatures

Tis the season for roller coaster temperatures!  Over the next week, we’ll have temperatures in the 30s with frost in spots….& then highs in the 70s during some afternoons.

Outdoors early on this Tuesday morning, it’s cool, but believe it or not it’s still above average for this time of year.


Clouds have moved out for most of us, but only temporarily.  Notice all the cloud cover up into the Midwest.  That’ll slide our way this afternoon bringing with it isolated showers & even cooler air.


FUTURECAST shows nicely how those spotty showers will develop.

Highs this afternoon will be in the lower 60s.  It’ll be quite breezy too, generally from the west.  Wind gusts will be between 20 & 30mph.

daphne DAY PLANNER Full - AM

Tonight, clouds will linger especially along and east of I-24.  At night, clouds keep the air near the ground warmer by radiating energy back to Earth.  SO…the area with the best chance for frost tonight will be where the sky is clear — over our southwestern counties.  A Frost Advisory has been issued there.


Tomorrow will be cool, around 60 for a high.  Then, it’ll warm up again into the lower 70s on Thursday as the wind swings back around to the south.

Another rain system will then move in Friday night and linger into Saturday.  Air in the wake of that system will be even colder!  Highs over the weekend will only be in the 40s and 50s.  Areas of frost will be likely Sunday and Monday mornings too.  See below…


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