October 18: Beautiful Weather Continues, Nerd-Links


The beautiful autumn weather will continue several more days, all the way through the first half of the weekend — our temperatures will steadily warm up though, both the morning lows and afternoon highs.  Temperatures tonight will drop to the mid to upper 40s — almost exactly “normal” for this time of year:

We’ll make it to the mid to upper 70s Thursday afternoon:

Back up to around 80 degrees Friday, Saturday and Sunday, before the next chance of showers and thunderstorms heads in Sunday night and Monday.  That rain is in the back half of the 7-day forecast, so it’s a little too soon to get into estimating the arrival times of the heaviest rain.  I think most of the day Sunday will still be dry, but we’re still at the point where that could go either way.  I’m not concerned about severe weather right now, but that’s also something we’ll keep an eye on, just in case:

That system will bring in significantly cooler air by the middle of next week.



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  1. Fred says:

    On this date, waaay back, in 1879, temperature bottomed out at 54. So what, you may wonder. Well, one only has to consider, that for the preceding 17 days, temps never fell below 66(!), marking by far the hottest 17 days to kick off the month of October. And, typical of our city’s capricious weather, what had been, essentially, until then, an above-average June in October (a whopping 13 degrees above the currently defined norm), came on the heels of the 4th-coolest September on record. Just another weather trivia, worth mentioning, methinks.

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