Hot & Sunny before Tropical Storm Nate Draws Near

Wowow! If you slept in this morning, take a moment to soak in this mornings sunrise…



Here’s how it looks now (9:07am)…


Not bad, huh?! We are officially spoiled in the weather department this week.

Expect another round of toasty temperatures and low humidity today and tomorrow with highs in the upper 80s.


Humidity will sneak back in this weekend, which brings an isolated afternoon storm chance on Saturday. The better chance for rain and storms arrives on Sunday…brought to you by what is now Tropical Storm Nate. This may bring the kind of rain we haven’t seen in awhile.

***It’s still far out so the exact placement and timing of Nate’s impacts will change.***

Here’s the latest forecast track…

Currently north of San Juan, moving NW at 8 mph, Tropical Storm Nate is expected to lift north and head straight for the Gulf by the weekend. Storms LOVE warm water. This is what fuels them. The Gulf is very warm.


Nate is expected to to strengthen into a category one hurricane by the weekend before making landfall either in Louisiana, Mississippi, or across the panhandle of  FL. With still four days out, this leaves plenty of wiggle room. Notice the cone of uncertainty gets larger as time is further out.PAUL TROPICAL FORECAST1

In any case, I expect the Mid State to see impacts from Nate by late weekend into early week. It all comes down to how much. A further shift towards the east will be a better case scenario for us. A further shift west will bring far more rain and storm activity. Make sense? 🙂PAUL TROPICAL FORECAST2

I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned for updates!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren


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