4 Things to Know About our Weather

There are 4 things you should know about our weather for the next week.  They are….

1) Today will be warm, pleasant, and dry.

Temperatures early this morning (as of 5am) are in the 50s & 60s.  They’re being held up a bit because of a light breeze.


With lots of sunshine expected this afternoon, count on temperatures climbing into the 80s in most areas.

FUTURECAST shows just a few fair weather clouds forming, but little if any rain.

2) Above average warmth will linger for a while.

The pattern we have now shows a hot sprawling high pressure system dominating the eastern half of the country.  That’ll make for temperatures 7-10 degrees above average this afternoon.


Because this high pressure area is so large and there aren’t any other major weather systems on the horizon to break it down, we’ll see little change in this heat for several days to come.

3) Dry pattern remains for several more days.

Hot high pressure not only makes for hot days.  It also allows very little (if any) rain to form.  Actually, mostly (if not completely) dry weather is expected throughout Middle Tennessee until Saturday!

4) The tropics have finally quieted down.

So far this hurricane season, we’ve had 13 named storms.  Eight of them have become hurricanes….two of those, category 5 hurricanes — Irma & Maria.  The only other years in recorded history to have two or more category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic basin were 1932, 1933, 1961, 2005, & 2007.

The traditional peak of the hurricane season happened a few weeks ago, so now we’re on the downward slide in terms of the amount of activity we anticipate.

This morning, notice from the view of the Atlantic basin there are no impressive looking storms in progress.  In fact, there aren’t even any promising looking disturbances that show signs of getting organized anytime soon.


Join us on News 4 right now, airing until 7am.  Daphne DeLoren will talk more about our expected weather for the next seven days.

I’ll be on later today on News 4 at Noon with an update and a special focus on our upcoming weekend!


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