4 Things to Know About our Weather

There are 4 things you should know about our upcoming weather.  They are…

1) Only two more hot days!

We’ve been in this heat wave for nearly two weeks now.  Notice today, the temperature will peak at 91.  That’s just one degree shy of the record of 92.  Tomorrow will be hot as well.  THEN, a north wind will get established dropping the temperature on Thursday.  Friday through the weekend looks beautiful!


2) The next week will be mostly dry.

As you may have noticed from the 7-day forecast above, there’s very little rain to come for the next week.  The best rain chance will occur late tomorrow through Thursday, as a weak cold front slides through.  SO…if you’re still maintaining a garden or if you’ve recently aerated/overseeded your lawn, you won’t get much help from nature.

3) Expect lots of sunshine over the next week.


Sunshine will dominate for much of the next week.  Even though we’re in fall now, the sun is still plenty high in the sky to burn you badly.  SO….lather on sunscreen just as you would during summer if you’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time.

4) The International Space Station flies overhead tonight on one of the best passes possible.


While many of you saw it last night, tonight offers an even more impressive view of the International Space Station doing a flyover.  It’ll enter our field of view at 7:34pm from the southwest…and exit to the northeast at 7:40pm.  Unlike last night’s pass, tonight’s will be high in the sky giving you a front row seat, regardless of your surroundings (tall trees, high buildings, etc).  The weather couldn’t be any better as well.

Join us on News 4 today at noon for an update on what we’re expecting in the days to come.



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