Off to a Hot Start this Week

Near record high heat the next couple of days.  Today was a hot one reaching 91° this afternoon. The average high for today is 79 degrees. Today’s record of 95 will still stand, but tomorrow will be close to breaking the record of 92°.


High pressure will keep thing hot here through Wednesday.  Many spots across the east will experience near record temperatures:


Notice the cooler air over the west.  The jetstream will shift and bring the cooler air in by the end of the week. The fall air will arrive by Thursday afternoon. The front will bring a few showers and thunderstorms late Wednesday with just a few lingering showers Thursday. By the time we get to Friday, more seasonal air will be here and the sun will be out for the start of the weekend.

WSMV 4DAY FORECASTTwo hurricanes remain in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Maria is just off the coast of North and South Carolina. It should remain off shore, but it is producing some large swells along the East coast of the U.S.


The forecast has it making a sharp right turn and heading back out to sea. Even the cone of uncertainty does not touch the Outerbanks of North Carolina.


Hurricane Lee has weakened a little with 85 mph winds.  It will not be a threat to land.

A little treat in the sky tonight. The International Space Station will fly by at 8:28pm. It’s not a great pass, but you can look to the west sky it will disappear in the NW sky. It will only last 2 minutes. The maximus height will be 33°.  There’s a better pass tomorrow at 7:34pm


I’ll have an update on our weather on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer



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