Two Worlds of a Forecast

Rise and shine! It has been a mild and foggy start to our morning with just a few isolated storms starting to pop up…


The fog has officially lifted and our radar update (8:13 am) shows isolated storms marching through the KY/TN border, headed east! An upper level disturbance will be responsible for widely scattered storms this morning into the late afternoon (40% chance) but I do not anticipate any to reach severe criteria.VIDEO RADAR

Not much chance in the temperature department! Yesterday, Nashville hit a high of 89, today, my forecast is 87…WSMV_DAYTEMPS_SkylineBkgrnd

Each day this week and weekend, we’re talking heat & humidity! Our first officially opening day of fall is on Friday but you would not even know it. Besides that,  expect isolated to spotty afternoon storms…


Now let’s turn the focus back to the tropics, where things are far more active. Hurricane Maria made landfall as a major category 5 hurricane in Dominca and is now headed for a direct hit in Puerto Rico within the next 24 hours as a category 4 hurricane. This storm is dangerous. Life-threatening flooding, mudslides, and wind are the greatest threats. Here’s the latest forecast track…


Hurricane Jose is not nearly as strong as Maria and expected to remain offshore as a category 1 hurricane. Coastal flooding is expected from Delaware to southern England. Dangerous surf and rip currents are also serious concerns.

The latest forecast track keeps Jose as a category one hurricane with an interesting path shifting directions towards the south Friday night into Saturday. Maria and Jose could potentially do a little hokey pokey in the Atlantic but it is still too early for any confidence. Stay tuned!PAUL TROPICAL FORECAST

Meteorologist Dan Thomas will have updates as he fills in for Lisa this evening on the 4, 5, 6 and 10!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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