September 16: Summer Until Further Notice

Today certainly felt like summer, and that trend will continue for the next several days, with both high and low temperatures running well above average all the way into the first days of autumn late next week.  (For those of you who are curious, the autumnal equinox is at 3:02pm on Friday.  For those of you who aren’t curious, well…it’s still at 3:02pm on Friday.)

Temperatures tonight will drop down to the mid 60s, with patchy dense fog possible, much like the past couple of mornings:

We’ll warm up to the upper 80s for highs tomorrow afternoon:

More of the same again Monday and Tuesday, with enough humidity to make it feel close to 90°.  Mostly dry weather is expected tomorrow and Monday, then a slightly better chance of spotty showers or storms on Tuesday:

The best chance of rain heads our way on Wednesday, then we’re looking mostly dry again by the end of the week and early next weekend.

Things are really cooking in the tropics…we’re up to three named storms in the Atlantic: Hurricane Jose, Tropical Storm Lee, and Tropical Storm Maria:

Jose is the closest to the United States right now, but Maria could pose the more serious long-term threat.  (At this point, it looks like Lee will stay out over open water.)  The National Hurricane Center’s latest forecast path for Hurricane Jose keeps the center of circulation offshore over the next five days…but close enough to the coast to cause coastal erosion and dangerous rip currents:

Maria just reached tropical storm strength today, but it’s expected to intensify rapidly to hurricane status.  The forecast path over the next five days carries Maria over many of the same islands that were devastated by Hurricane Irma…the Windward Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico:

All of the forecast models in that time frame agree on a similarly unpleasant scenario:

Beyond five days, we’ll just have to keep an eye on Maria, in case it threatens the East Coast as well — that’s about eight or nine days in the future though, so there’s a LOT that can change between now and then.

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