Tamer Irma Visits Middle Tennessee

Clouds and rain all day today from Irma, but the Irma we received was a much tamer version of this enormous storm. Irma set many records as a hurricane and today Irma helped Nashville set a new record for the lowest maximum temperature.  The high reached 65°, 3 degrees below the record from 1902. The average high for the date is 84°.


Rainfall overnight and today was not excessive.  Nashville picked up .27″ today. The 24 hour rainfall estimates on doppler radar detected the greatest rainfall to the south.  That’s not surprising since the rain began there yesterday.


This trend of on and off rain from Irma will continue through Thursday.  Here’s the latest Futurecast depiction:

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It will be a wet drive for some again tomorrow.

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As Irma moves farther north, so will the rain.  By Thursday, only a few spotty showers are expected.  Some sunshine will likely peek out during the afternoon, helping to warm things to 76°. High pressure takes over for the weekend as Irma moves on.  That means plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the mid 80°s.


But for tomorrow and at least the first part of Thursday, you’ll want to keep the umbrella or rain jacket nearby.

I’ll have an update on the forecast on News 4 at 10pm.

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