Hurricane Irma Headed to Middle Tennessee

Hurricane Irma made landfall twice today in Florida — once this morning over the Keys and again this afternoon at Marco Island.  Irma will continue to push through the heart of the Florida peninsula tonight, on its way toward Middle Tennessee.

Here’s the latest view of Irma, as of 8:30pm.  The center of circulation (near where the strongest winds are) is between Ft. Myers and Orlando. It’s shown where the black check mark is in the image below.


Irma has weakened to category 2 status, with maximum sustained wind now at 105 mph.


Notice that Irma will push through central Florida tonight and north Florida early tomorrow.  By midday tomorrow, it’ll begin crossing into Georgia.  From there, Irma will move through Alabama, and eventually Tennessee and then Kentucky.

This is a preview of what we expect here.

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A Wind Advisory goes into effect for most of Middle Tennessee tomorrow night.  Wind will increase from the northeast during the day tomorrow, gusting to 25mph by midday…and 35mph by late afternoon.  Monday night, gusts to 40mph or even slightly higher will be possible.


FUTURECAST shows how the rain is likely to develop tomorrow, carrying into tomorrow night.  The heaviest downpours are expected tomorrow night.

Early Tuesday, the wind will begin to diminish.  Wednesday will just be showery.  Lots of clouds are likely to remain.  On Thursday, weather will improve significantly, with just a few lingering showers.  Sunshine will appear for many that day, too.

Join us on News 4 tonight after the game.  I’ll have an update on Irma and its effects on Florida.  We’ll also talk more about specific impacts here in Middle Tennessee…and have a look at next weekend, too.


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