Eclipse and After

The Eclipse was spectacular!  I hope you got to see it.  The weather couldn’t have been much better for most of us…maybe a little less hot.  The high reached 95° this afternoon. The sky was clear for most, there were a few spots like the Adventure Science Center that had their view obscured.

LS Eclipse Nashville 2017 2


As the Moon slowly covered the Sun, the temperature dropped a few degrees. In Nashville from the beginning, the temperature  dropped 5°.


I got to share the moment with co-anchors Tom and Demetria.

LS Eclipse Nashville, anchors

There is change on the way tomorrow.  Rain and thunderstorms will move in during the afternoon. This is all out ahead of a front. Here’s the timing on the latest Futurecast depiction.

The Storm Prediction Center has put most of Middle Tennessee in a “marginal” risk zone for severe storms. I think gusty winds could be the greatest threats along with heavy rain and lightning.


Some of the rain will linger into Wednesday, but the temperatures will drop behind the front.  The week will end with much cooler air.


I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer





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