August 15: More Of The Same, Daily Links


Not much change to the weather over the next 48 hours — scattered storms will develop each day, with hazy, hot and humid conditions in between.  The showers we saw today have largely fizzled, but a few more could develop overnight, as shown by the HRRR model’s radar simulation:

Temperatures will only drop to the low to mid 70s by Wednesday morning:

More scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop during the day Wednesday:

Temperatures will be slightly warmer in between the showers and thunderstorms, with highs around 90°:

The same pattern will repeat itself on Thursday, although I think Thursday’s storm chances will be fractionally higher.

The forecast still looks mostly dry Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as the main storm track will be pushed just a little ways down to our south:

High temperatures will still top out around 90° but with slightly lower humidity over the weekend:

Looking ahead to Eclipse Day, I’ll start by stating the obvious — it’s still six days away!  Plenty of time for the forecast to change, either for the better (hopefully!) or the worse (please, no!).  Here’s the good news: the latest run of the American GFS model is showing minimal cloud cover at eclipse time, around 1pm on Monday:

Here’s the bad news: I trust the GFS model about as far as I can throw the supercomputer that runs it.  The more-reliable European model still shows a chance of spotty showers and storms on Monday, and I’ve shaded the forecast in that direction:

I’ll say it again — it’s still pretty far down the line at this point!  I’ll get some more data to look at between now and our 10pm newscast, so I’ll have an updated forecast then.



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