Pleasant Day….Then Rain Returns

Today will be a very pleasant August day, with moderate temperatures and humidity for the this time of year.

As of 7:30am, clouds are beginning to stream in from the west.


It’s still bright though in many communities.


The Cumberland Plateau and nearby towns are dealing with some patchy dense fog.  Give it until 8:30am.  Then, we should be in good shape in that regard.  The areas in yellow indicate visibility around 1 mile.  In the orange, it’s 1/2 mile.  In the red, visibility is around 1/4 mile.


The Mid State is dry, but there IS some rain over Arkansas.


Clouds will win out over sunshine at times this afternoon.  The sunniest part of the area will be southern Kentucky.

As for any rain chance…notice that the only shower chance today will be at the lower corners, late this afternoon.


As I alluded to above, high temperatures this afternoon will be a little below average.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

FUTURECAST shows some of the rain back in Arkansas moving in late tonight and tomorrow.  It’s not going to be a washout of a Monday, but there will be some spotty showers and thunderstorms, so be sure to keep your umbrella nearby.

More spotty storms are in your forecast this week.  We’ll talk more about that and have an update on the forecast for the Total Solar Eclipse, which is just over a week away, on News 4 at 8am.  We’d love to you have you join us!




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