July 29: Great Weather, Daily Links


Now THIS was worth waiting for — just a beautiful day overall, with below-normal temperatures, lower humidity, and a nice breeze to stir things around for good measure.

The nice weather will stick around the rest of the weekend, and even into the beginning of the new work week.  Temperatures tonight will drop down to the low 60s — our first “windows open” weather in several weeks!

Sunday will be just a tiny bit warmer, with highs in the mid 80s:

But the humidity will remain pleasant, with dew points mostly around 60°:

Not bad for late July!

Temperatures begin to climb Monday and Tuesday, putting us back up to around 90°, but that’s exactly normal for early August.  Spotty storms become possible as the humidity climbs Wednesday and Thursday, then the best chance of widespread showers and storms heads our way on Friday.  Right now, it looks like most of that rain should be out of the way in time for another pleasant weekend!

I’ll have some more data to look at between now and our 10pm newscast, so I’ll see you then with an update…



A little delayed from yesterday, so just consider this your “weekend dose” of nerdiness…

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