Marvelous Monday…Hot Start

This Monday started out with some thunderstorms, enough to cause some small hail and wind damage in some spots. There were trees down in several locations. Those storms moved out quickly and left us with a hot and steamy day. The high reached 93° today. More heat and humidity this week.

WSMV Almanac

The weather Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be very similar: partly cloudy, hot and humid with isolated to spotty showers and thunderstorms.  The high will be in the low to mid 90’s each day with the heat index values near 100°.  Futurecast shows those spotty showers and thunderstorms tomorrow.  They are not expected to be severe.

Here’s a look into the next 4 days.  An approaching front will bring a greater chance of rain and thunderstorms late Thursday and especially Friday.  Some of those storms could be strong, but we are not expecting a severe outbreak.


Behind that front the air mass will be less humid and not as hot. Remember it is July, so it will feel like summer, just not as oppressive.


That will be a treat, but there is also a treat in the sky in the morning.  The International Space Station will fly by at 4:09AM.  It will appear in the northwest sky and disappear in the southeast sky.  It will reach a height of 75° and last 6 minutes.  This should be a really good pass to see.


Join me tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm for an update on the weather.

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