Hot Week Ahead….Then a Beautiful Weekend

It looks like another hot week ahead.  Then, we’ll have a beauuuuuuutiful weekend with less humidity and lower temperatures!

First and foremost, last night’s tremendous downpours with frequent lightning & thunder have moved out.  We’re now dry across the Mid State.  Look at how much rain fell….


Most areas east of I-65 and south of I-40 received at least SOME rain.  Communities northwest of Nashville didn’t fare so well, though.

Clouds continue to break apart in the wake of last night’s rain…


Here’s the view in many of our towns and cities.  Carthage still has some fog, but it’s lifting, as of 8am.

Temperatures are actually quite pleasant, running in the 60s & 70s.


It’s still plenty humid, with dew points around 70.  However, notice the change that’ll develop this weekend!

DT Dew Point Scale Decreasing

This afternoon, we’ll have just isolated thunderstorms.  Like yesterday though, any that develop could contain brief damaging wind gusts, torrential rain, and frequent lightning.

FUTURECAST doesn’t show a whole lot of development of storms this afternoon….& I agree with that.  They’ll be very few & far between.

Looking at the week as a whole, we’ll keep high humidity.  We’ll also see temperatures climbing by Wednesday and Thursday into the middle 90s.  That’ll send the heat index up over 100 again, then.  Storms will keep us a bit cooler on Friday, before much more refreshing air (with that lower humidity I wrote about above) takes over for the weekend.


Here’s the outlook for the next seven days…


Coming up on News4 at Noon, I’ll show you if and where any showers are developing.  I’ll also share more detail on what we’re expecting this coming weekend.



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  1. Fred says:

    So, the thunderstorms yesterday (even if the station at the Airport registered not even a trace of rain) managed to bring the daily minimum to a pretty common, for this season, 73 degrees just at midnight, overturning the remarkable 79 from the previous night. Regardless, this month, that got off to a rather quiet start is, already, almost 2 full degrees above the norm, and even the expected cool down later this week, likely, will not be enough to keep July 2017 from becoming the 18th consecutive month of higher-than-average temperatures. While 2 degrees doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as the over-the-top excesses of January-April this year, for July this is quite significant, considering that the difference between the hottest (84, in 1954) and the coolest (75.1, 1891) July is barely 9 degrees, the least of any month. As of today, this month has already accumulated 19 90 or above days, and probably will wind up just below last July, which had 24.

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