Hottest Week in 2017…Earthquakes

With afternoon temperatures rising to the mid 90’s this week and humidity bringing the heat index beyond 100°, we are looking at the hottest week so far this year. It’s likely Nashville will also record the highest temperature of the year too.  Are you ready? Ugh, not sure I am.

DT HEATINDEX Outlook.png

An upper level of high pressure will build in across Middle Tennessee.  Today the wind is from the north, keeping the humidity in check. As the high shifts east of the volunteer state the wind will blow from the south.  That spells an increase in humidity.

DT 160

So important this week to remember a few things to keep you and yours safe.

LS 2013 Heat Wave Pattern.png

On an unrelated science footnote.  East Tennessee had queit the wake up call this morning. A 2.8 magnitude earthquake could be felt in Knox and Grainger Counties. No damage was reported.  This was the second earthquake in East Tennessee in the last 30 Days.


Although earthquakes are not unusual in East Tennessee, we tend to think of West Tennessee as being more prone to them due to the New Madrid Fault. By the way 2.8 is very low on the richter scale. This chart shows you that it’s usually 5.5 or above where significant damage occurs.


Back to the weather, here’s your 4 Day forecast. I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.


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