July 12: Steamy Weather, Daily Links


More hot weather in store for us today, with noticeably higher humidity as well.

High temperatures will reach the low 90s today:

But the increased humidity will push the heat index up into the upper 90s:

Higher humidity also means a slight chance of an afternoon storm today, but the HRRR model’s radar simulation isn’t exactly impressive:

Not much of a change tomorrow — still hot:

And still humid enough to make if feel even hotter:

A slightly better chance of storms tomorrow, but they’ll still be more “miss” than “hit”.

The best chance of showers and thunderstorms will arrive on Friday, as a weak cold front drops in from the north.  A few storms could be strong, and the Storm Prediction Center has outlined a “Marginal Risk” (level 1 of 5) of severe weather:

The big question is, will the rain move out in time for the weekend?  Short answer:

Some of the long range models dry us out already by Saturday morning, others leave at least a chance of storms in the forecast both Saturday and Sunday.  Better to be cautious, so my forecast shows rain chances diminishing over the weekend, but not disappearing entirely — still that chance of spotty storms, especially south of I-40:

High temperatures will remain around 90° from Friday through early next week…hot, but “normally” hot for this time of year.



  • I’ve been re-watching Ken Burns’ “Civil War” series recently…which got me thinking about how miserable it must have been to wear those uniforms for weeks on end during the summer months.  In that vein, this article from the Capital Weather Gang is an interesting look back at pre-A/C Washington, DC.
  • The reality of climate change is enough of a concern — the “scare tactics” that fringe activists use are unhelpful, and in fact harmful.
  • Artificial snow might help to save a glacier in the Swiss Alps.
  • One of the biggest science stories last year was the confirmation of “gravitational waves” in the fabric of space-time.  But there might be some issues with the data…
  • For the first time, researchers have transmitted entangled photons from Earth to a satellite orbiting far overhead.  What does that mean?  Teleportation!
  • A glimpse inside the heart of an exploding star.
  • Why do onions make us cry?
  • Here’s an invention worth getting excited about: a battery-free cellphone (no charging!) that just uses ambient power.
  • The best scientists you’ve never heard of — the unsung heroes of science.
  • Some Chinese companies are installing “nap capsules” — I’m not sure if that sounds like a great idea, or like a guaranteed way to induce claustrophobia.

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