Great Looking Summertime Weekend

Despite clouds in spots this morning, this weekend will turn out great.  Here’s a look outdoors as of 8am…

Temperatures are on their way up slowly but surely…


It’s very humid outdoors, as well.


While many areas received rain overnight, as I type this (8:18am), it’s dry.  However, later today, as a cold front pushes southward into Middle Tennessee a few more showers and thunderstorms will likely develop.  Here’s a look at the chance for additional rain in your area today.


The clouds in place now will gradually decrease this afternoon.  So, if you’re going to the Gold Cup Soccer match at Nissan Stadium, you can count on sunshine and only about a 20% chance for a shower then (3:30pm).


After we get these clouds out of here, the next several days will be quite a bit brighter!


That means later today AND tomorrow look excellent for taking a trip to a nearby pool or lake…


The big story tomorrow is lower humidity.  Dew points will fall into the upper 50s in most areas.

DT Dew Point Scale Decreasing

Then, early next week, the main story will be very hot weather.  Notice we’ll get into the middle 90s on at least a couple days…


Be sure to watch Channel 4 News at 5pm later today.  Daphne DeLoren will track any showers and storms that develop on the area’s only live radar — 4WARN Live Doppler!

In the meantime, have a fantastic Saturday!!


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  1. Fred says:

    So, the week-long stretch of rainy weather, that started on the last day of June (there was also a trace on the 29th) officially came to an end yesterday. This is the longest rainy streak to start the month of July since 7 days back in 1989. In 1912, rain was observed on the first 11 days of July, the longest streak to open any month (it was a part of 15 consecutive days of measurable precipitation, the all-time record).
    For more weather trivia, 5 years ago, on this date, Nashville had its last day of triple-digit temps. It marked the end of the truly remarkable:
    heat-wave mentioned some two weeks ago. The 5 years-long streak of less than 100-degree temperatures is, currently, the 10th-longest, but it’s practically guaranteed, that less than a week later, it’ll move into the 9th place, as the following table illustrates:

    Number of Consecutive Days Max Temperature < 100
    for Nashville Area, TN

    Run Length

    1 4747 1881-08-14 through 1894-08-12
    2 4018 1969-07-12 through 1980-07-11
    3 2927 1991-07-24 through 1999-07-28
    4 2572 1918-06-18 through 1925-07-02
    5 2512 1936-08-29 through 1943-07-15
    6 2191 1956-08-19 through 1962-08-18
    7 2167 1907-07-24 through 1913-06-28
    8 2161 2000-08-18 through 2006-07-18
    9 1831 1902-07-18 through 1907-07-22
    10 1825 2012-07-09 through 2017-07-07

    Period of record: 1873-12-01 to 2017-07-07

    Speaking of high temperatures, they're certainly taking their time this summer. The highest, thus far, is 94 recorded on June 14, (looks like it could be challenged next week) and we haven't had any particularly hot days yet, not that most folks would complain.

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