Hot Today & Stormy Tomorrow

Father’s Day weekend is upon us.  As advertised through the week, the main story today will be the heat.  Tomorrow, scattered thunderstorms will get all the attention.

Outdoors at 8 o’clock this morning, it’s mostly cloudy over the northwestern half of the  Mid State.  It’s sunny over the southeastern half.  Here and there, there are a few spots of residual fog holding on, too.

Temperatures are stepping upward slowly but surely…


This afternoon, highs will range from 84 to 94 degrees….with the coolest locations being on the Cumberland Plateau.  Rain isn’t likely.  The chance you’ll encounter a shower or storm is just 20%.

SO….that means the weather looks great for a trip to a nearby pool or lake.  Clouds in place now will thin gradually through the day, so if it’s relatively cloudy now, it’ll brighten up later.  It’ll also be a fantastic day to partake in Thunder on the Cumberland (speed boat race show at Riverfront Park…all FREE), the Jefferson Street Jazz & Blues Festival at Bicentennial Mall State Park (costs $25), Porchfest in Franklin, or the Nashville Sounds game.


DT 1111b


Tomorrow, for Father’s Day, scattered rain will be a much bigger player….

Fathers Day 2010b

Tomorrow morning will likely begin with areas of rain and storms moving in from the north.  These will gradually push southward through mid morning.  Then, during the afternoon, the potential will be there for additional scattered storms to develop.  If the morning round of rain is insignificant and the sun comes out quickly in its wake, the afternoon round will be widespread.  However, if the morning round is significant, stabilizing the atmosphere, there won’t be much rain coverage during the afternoon. Come tomorrow night, another round of rain and storms will move through in advance of an approaching cold front.

Coming up on Channel 4 News Today, airing from 9am until 10am, we’ll talk more about the rain for tomorrow.  I’ll also highlight the most comfortable, the hottest, and the wettest days of next week.  Join us!


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