Hot, Soupy & Potentially Strong Storms on the Way!

Whew! I just stepped outside for a quick minute and felt exhausted! Temperatures are sizzling in the 90s and high humidity is making is feel like hot soup!


When you but those two together, you get something called a ‘heat index,’ what it really feels like out there…Dd heat index with wind

We can’t get much higher on our Muggy Meter and tomorrow looks to be much of the same…DAPH MUGGY METERdaphne RPM 4KM DEW POINTDD iCast Heat Index

High humidity has led to typical summertime afternoon spotty showers and storms, expected to clear up by this evening…  DD RPM 4KM EVENING1DD RPM 4KM EVENINGDD RPM 4KM EVENING2

The better chance for showers and thunderstorms arrive as soon as tomorrow (Thursday). The Storm Prediction Center covers a good chunk of Middle Tennessee to fit under a ‘Slight Risk’ (2 on a 1 to 5 scale) for any of these storms to reach severe criteria. Damaging winds will be the greatest threat from some of the stronger storms.PAUL SEVERE RISK REGION

Our frist round of rain will arrive overnight into the early morning…DD RPM 4KM EVENING3DD RPM 4KM EVENING4

Picking up in number late morning into the early afternoon…DD RPM 4KM EVENING6DD RPM 4KM EVENING7

Most of the activity pushes out of our hair by dinnertime…DD RPM 4KM EVENING8

Friday and Saturday look to be very similar, hot in the lower 90s, soupy and spotty afternoon storms possible. The better chance for rain and storms hold off until the second half of the weekend, which happens to be Father’s Day (still enough time to get dad a present)! The day will start off on a quiet note with increasing chances throughout the day. I will be here all weekend tracking showers storms for you!


Our 7-Day is a typical summer-like pattern — hot, muggy and the chance for storms each day. Again, Thursday and Sunday will be the stormiest of them all.WSMV 7 Day AM

Join me at 4 and 4:30 on Channel 4 for the full storm timeline. Dan Thomas is filling in for Lisa Spencer with updates at 5, 6, 6:30 and 10 tonight!

-Daphne DeLoren

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