Summer is Here….or so it Feels

Summer is here….or so it feels!  The official start to summer is still a week away, but it sure has felt like July!  Today was the hottest feeling day this year in fact!  As of 5pm, temperatures were still around 90.


The heat index though was in the mid 90s – lowermost 100s!


There’s very little rain — just a shower on the north side of Nashville — and a few more along the Cumberland Plateau.


Tomorrow, we expect similar rain coverage and chances.  That pattern that has set up supports just pop-up storms that develop in the peak heat of the day.  It’s typical of this time of year.  Here’s a look at the likelihood of rain in your area tomorrow.

DT DAYPART RainChances

FUTURECAST for tomorrow looks right on!


Down the road, our rain chance will begin to ramp up.  SO…temperatures will come down some, but not much.  Here’s a look at what we expect through Friday.


Coming up on Channel 4 News this evening, we’ll identify which days and in which places rain is most likely.  We’ll also touch on Father’s Day and the weather we expect then.  We hope you join us!


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One Response to Summer is Here….or so it Feels

  1. Fred says:

    Nothing like a sunny summer day to wash away the feelings of disappointment from the end of the dream ride last night. As hot as it feels, today’s actual temperature mean of 82 degrees, only managed to tie that of April 29th, even if the high of 92 is the highest temperature of the year, so far.

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