Watch Parties & Monday Travel Forecast

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Not only hot but feeling more muggy with the return of southerly winds today. From CMA Fest to Game #6 of the Stanley cup, many folks became dehydrated very quickly today and alcohol was not help! Hopefully you took our advice and drank plenty of water downtown today.


On the bright side, storms are non-existent! The rain may have been a bit refreshing in this heat, but I do not have a single rain drop to point out here…VIDEO RADAR

Temperatures scorch into the upper 80s to the lower 90s around town and still in that ball park as I type here (5:18 pm)…WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

If you’ve been out at any point today, you have likely noticed the increase in humidity and we can thank dew points in the 60s to lower 70s…WSMV DMA DEWPOINT STILL1

If you’re heading out to one of the many watch parties, things are looking very good for you! It will still be warm in the mid-80s around puck drop, lower 80s around 9 pm and upper 70s closer to the time you may be heading home…all-in-all, rain & storm-free!PREDS 2

The next question you have may be related to how travel shapes up at the air port on Monday. Not bad at all! We have the green light in the weather department. You can definitely count on a crowd, though. DD travel2

Showers and thunderstorms have held off and timing could not have been more perfect for CMA Fest, Preds watch parties and Bannaroo this weekend. So many festivities.

Our typical summer-like pattern returns as soon as tomorrow and this trend looks took take over the entire 7-Day forecast — hot, soupy with spotty afternoon to early evening storms each day.


Besides spotty storms here and there, you can count on even higher humidity then today, with more 70-degree reading digits, down right oppressive!daphne RPM 4KM DEW POINT

See a pattern? Each an every day looks very similar in the week ahead, with the best rain chances on Thursday. Upper 80s to lower 90s keeps popping up too. A friendly reminder to have an extra water bottle on hand. 🙂7 Day PM

I’ll have updates on your work-week weather and Travel-cast coming up at 10 pm on Channel 4 tonight. Here’s to a great game! Goooo Preds!

-Daphne DeLoren

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