Hot Fun for the Weekend

What a wonderful June weekend, especially with so many folks in town for the CMA Music Festival and in Manchester on the Farm for Bonnaroo.  This afternoon the high reached 87° in Nashville and the humidity remained comfortable. That will not be the case for the rest of the weekend and next week.

Tonight will be a nice one at the outdoor music venues or just an evening out on the patio. Temperatures will drop from the low 80s this evening to the 70s tonight. Down to 65 for the morning low.

DT_Day Planner_EVENING.png

With a mostly clear sky, there are two more chances tonight to see the International Space Station fly by.  Unfortunately both these passes will be low on the horizon. The first will be the better opportunity at 8:49 for 5 minutes, at a maximum height of 26 degrees.  It will appear in the NNW sky and exit in the East.


I don’t think you will be able to see the second one at 10:25 PM, you can try by looking to the west. Sunday there will be a really good pass at 9:34pm.  It will last for 3 minutes at a maximum height of 56°. It will appear in the WNW sky and disappear in the SSE sky.

While you are out there you can check the Strawberry Moon. It was full last night, but it will still be visible tonight. This folklore name, Strawberry Moon comes from native Americans because it’s the season to harvest strawberries. This moon is the smallest moon of the year. It’s not really smaller, it just appears smaller because it is at it’s farthest point from the Earth in it’s orbit. It is called the micro or mini moon because of this. It’s about 30,000 miles farther away from Earth than this year’s closes new moon on May 25.

Now back to the weather. With a stronger southerly flow returning, the humidity will start to rise again.  Tomorrow will be several degrees warmer at 91, with higher dew points.  I think you will feel the mugginess increase. Keep that in mind if you are at the lake, pool or headed for an outdoor Pred Viewing Party. GO PREDS!


For the beginning of next week the heat and humidity will stick around. That increase in moisture will mean some showers and thunderstorms developing each day.  Rain is good, we don’t want to get too dry.


I’ll have an update on the forecast tonight on Channel 4 News at 6pm and 10pm.

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