Big Weekend….Outstanding Forecast

It’s a huge weekend in #Smashville, with Game #6 of the Stanley Cup Final, CMA Music Fest, and Bonnaroo!  Weather for all of those events looks great….just hot!

Outdoors this morning, there’s a little batch of clouds moving through Nashville and some surrounding counties.  For the rest of you, it’s bright and sunny!


It’s warming gradually.  We started the day in the 50s.  Now, we’re in the 60s.


Notice how we’ll just have a few fair weather clouds through the day…but no rain:

SO…keep these things in mind if you’ll be outdoors for a while this afternoon, whether it be at Bonnaroo, CMAFest, or somewhere else.


By midday, it’ll already start to feel hot in the sunshine:


Know there’s a Code Orange Air Quality Alert, too.  That means people with breathing difficulty, the elderly, and small children shouldn’t overdo it outdoors this afternoon.  Enjoy the outdoors.  Just don’t do a multi-hour gardening project then….or let your kids run around outside all afternoon without taking some breaks indoors.


Tomorrow, the weather looks excellent too.  It’ll just be a bit hotter — perfect for boating though…or a swim in one of our many lakes!


If you’ll be cheering on the Preds at one of the area’s many viewing parties tomorrow, plan on summery heat right into the early evening!

DT 1111b

On Monday, it’ll be noticeably more humid.  That humidity will help produce daytime heating induced showers and thunderstorms.  Most areas won’t get rain, but some will.  The rain chance will be 30% then.

FUTURECAST is a little overdone in what it shows for rain coverage above.  There will be SOME rain…just not as much as you see above.

Through the rest of the week, expect more of what we have on Monday, with the greatest rain chance arriving on Thursday and Friday.


Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne DeLoren will have more detail on the rain expected this coming week.



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