Showers & Storms Push Through the Mid State

Mother Nature’s natural way of waking some of us up today….rumbles of thunder! That’s what I woke up to. Did you hear it?

Scattered showers & storms have been the trend all day and they continue marching through the Mid State on a northeasterly path as I type here (5:53 PM) — mainly impacting areas south of the I-40 corridor…


Downtown is one of our dry spots! Look fantastic…right now. I do expect the rain in our southern counties to march far enough north to impact our northern counties as they continue on their northeasterly way. Be prepared with your rain gear. 🙂VIDEO TVI

Temperatures are warm , in the upper 70 to lower 80-degree range.WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

Dew points are the best way we measure the moisture (humidity) in the atmosphere. Dew points in the low 70s is a VERY MUGGY place to be. I’m so sorry. I promise there is relief on the way. WSMV DMA DEWPOINT STILL1

Tomorrow will be the last day these numbers are so high before much drier and comfortable conditions arrive by Tuesday. You’ll save a few extra sprays of hair spray by that point!daphne RPM 4KM DEW POINT

So the big question…how do rain chances look for game #4 of the Stanley Cup?! Well, let’s check in with Futurecast for timing…DD RPM 4KM EVENINGDD RPM 4KM EVENING1DD RPM 4KM EVENING2DD RPM 4KM EVENING3DD RPM 4KM EVENING4DD RPM 4KM EVENING5DD RPM 4KM EVENING6DD RPM 4KM EVENING7

So, I do expect scattered showers and storms, with the bulk of the activity passing through the late afternoon on Monday. Spotty showers and storms will still be possible close to the puck drop so you’ll want to go the safe route and be prepared. With all the crowds downtown, poncho may be your best bet! Here’s how your temperatures shape up…DD11

Here’s a recap of our weather highlights!DAPHNE HEADLINES

…and here’s the 7-Day to hold you through our 10 PM newscast where I’ll be tracking showers & storms and sharing updates on your game day forecast!7 Day PM

Hope you join me! GO PREDS!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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