May 31: Warm And Unsettled, Daily Links


Warm and somewhat unsettled weather is still in the forecast for the next few days.  Highs will reach the low to mid 80s today and tomorrow:

Spotty storms possible each afternoon through the end of the work week.  The HRRR model’s radar simulation for today isn’t impressive:

That’s just one model, of course — averaging out all of the data, here are your storm chances throughout the day:

While your odds of rain in any one particular spot are low, keep the umbrella handy just in case.  (That’s pretty much the advice we’ll offer throughout the summer as well.)

The weekend is looking wetter overall, but still not a washout — the most-likely scenario at this point is a dry start to Saturday, then scattered showers and storms becoming likely Saturday afternoon and throughout the day on Sunday:

I wouldn’t cancel anything over the weekend yet, but start thinking about indoor alternatives for any outdoor plans.  The weather will dry out by the beginning of next week, and the humidity should be noticeably lower as well.



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