Humidity, it is Time to Go

After a round of severe storms on Saturday, our Sunday is not half bad. A mix of sun and clouds with just a few isolated storms marching by…


Radar update (4:27 PM Sunday)…VIDEO RADAR

Temperatures are still running very warm and humidity is way up there on our muggy meter…WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle AutoplotWSMV DMA DEWPOINT STILL1Dew Point Scale Increasing

Dew points are on a decreasing trend as soon as tonight. In fact, tomorrow will be significantly better! Upper 40s to lower 50s is a nice and comfortable place to be…


If you’re taking the kids to the bus stop in the morning, no need for the umbrella. Temperatures will run right around average in the upper 50-degree range. Maybe cool enough for a light sweater? 🙂DAPHNE_School_Day_Forecast

Highs are back to average in the upper 70s and mood boosting sunshine will be a cherry on top! DAPHNE iCast Temperature

Middle Tennessee remains rain-free for one day before another unsettled pattern brings the chance for scattered showers and storms by Tuesday into Thursday. Sunshine will accompany warmer lower 80s by Friday….then the crazy warmth returns on Saturday and Sunday, with highs climbing in the mid to upper 80s.7 Day PM

I’ll be tracking what is left of the shower and storm activity coming up on Channel 4 at 5 pm today. Send me your weekend fun outdoor snaps and join me for updates at 10 pm!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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  1. Tom Nichol says:

    You misspelled the word “STICKY” on your Muggy Meter–it should have only ONE “C,” not two!

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