Severe Storms March through Middle Tennessee

It was a warm and peaceful start to our Saturday! That was before Mother Nature took a U-turn by the afternoon, sparking numerous severe thunderstorms across the Mid State. One marched through the center of Downtown, where many folks are joined together for Preds Party in the Park. Timing could definitely have been better.

Well, how about some good news?

Things are shaping to look much better. In fact, all warnings have currently expired. This live view over downtown was not visible about an hour ago. Clouds still linger and showers are light..


A few heavy downpours are still present, indicated by any red on this radar update. All of it on a northeasterly path…hence my white arrow drawings. 🙂VIDEO RADAR

The most damage looks to be from what I expected…powerful winds up to 60 mph. We’ve had a few reports of downed trees over White House and limbs blown around in Percy Warner Park.


Though storms have lost much of their steam, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect for all areas under the YELLOW color until 10 pm tonight.


Storms to our south are what we can thank for hogging a lot of the moisture and instability that could have been in Middle Tennessee. Meaning, our situation could have been a lot worse!


Temperatures are all. over. the place. It clearly shows the areas who got hit with the clouds & rain….areas east have yet to get a rain drop so you’re in the upper 80 to even lower 90s…

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

How about the rest of the night? Scattered showers are still likely into the overnight and even Sunday, but mainly the first half of the day. As far as severe weather potential, if a storm does reach severe criteria, I expect it to be before midnight. After midnight, storms are possible but not nearly as intense.DD RPM 4KM EVENINGDD RPM 4KM EVENING1DD RPM 4KM EVENING2DD RPM 4KM EVENING3DD RPM 4KM EVENING4

Another thing note-worthy will be our daytime highs! No more 90s, more so seasonable upper 70s….a nice break from the heat. In fact, it will be a long stretch of 70s for the next few days ahead. My next forecast daily high that starts with an ‘8’ will be on Friday.DAPHNE iCast Temperature

Monday will be a nice treat, with plenty of sunshine. Our next unsettled weather pattern arrives on Tuesday, lasting through Thursday. Not a wash out just something to keep in mind if you have any outdoor plans.

7 Day PM

I will have the full timeline of showers and storms for the remainder of the weekend coming up on Channel 4 at 10 tonight. I hope you join me!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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  1. Tom Nichol says:

    I have a complaint about your radar display. I checked the radar just now, and there was a “storm damage report”–RIGHT OVER WHERE THE PART OF THE SCREEN WHERE FAIRVIEW, WHERE i LIVE, IS LOCATED! Furthermore, I could not move the report or close it after having seen it! This is not only annoying, but I consider it potentially dangerous, as it could prevent viewers from being able to tell when a storm is approaching the area where they live, and judge whether or not they need to take shelter! Can something be done to correct this problem–PLEASE??

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