May 15: May Heat Wave

A mid-May heat wave kicks in to start off the new work week: temperatures will warm up rapidly today, reaching the upper 80s by this afternoon:

The humidity won’t be too bad yet today, so it should be “pleasantly warm.”

We’ll drop back to the low 60s tonight:

High temperatures will reach the low 90s both tomorrow and Wednesday, putting us in near-record territory for at least the next three days:

The humidity will gradually climb throughout the week as well — dew points today and tomorrow will remain in the 50s, but they’ll climb into the 60s from Wednesday onward.  That’s not TOO high on the Muggy Meter, but the mugginess will certainly be noticeable:

Just an isolated storm chance on Thursday — the next decent chance of rain holds off until Friday.  The weekend looks warm but unsettled, with a chance of scattered storms both Saturday and Sunday.

I’m keeping our rain chances lower than 50-50 right now, since the long-range data is kind of muddled at this point.  As we head through the week, the weekend forecast should come into clearer focus.

I’ve got a meeting this morning, so no time for the nerd-links today…they’ll be back tomorrow!

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