A Beauty Stretch

Happpyyy Mother’s Day to all the sweet mommas out there. A special one goes to my mom, who is the most selfless and sweetest person I know. She’s in Florida celebrating with the rest of the family. ๐Ÿ™‚


The weather could not have been more perfect to celebrate outdoors. Sunshine has been radiant and temperatures are feeling more like summertime…minus the humidity. Here’s a current peak out from our Downtown camera…


Temps are still toasty and it is 6:51 pm — in the upper 70s to lower 80s around town…WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

Dew points are the best indicator of how much moisture is out there (stick factor) and we are doing very well in that department.WSMV DMA DEWPOINT STILL1

Check out the muggy meter…

Dew Point Scale Increasing

By Wednesday we’ll start inching closer to the ‘getting sticky/uncomfy’ stage.

Our bus stop forecast gets a two thumbs up! Seasonable upper 50s and plenty of sunshine as you step out the door…


By the afternoon, we’re talking mid to upper 80s, about ten degrees above average for this time of year.DAPHNE iCast Temperature

Our 7-Day is shaping up to be quite lovely. A dry stretch through Wednesday before just a slight chance for spotty showers and storms return by Thursday through Sunday. Upper 80s each day except for Tuesday, the warmest in the lower 90s…yikes.7 Day PM

I will have the full breakdown of your workweek ahead coming up on Channel 4 at 10 tonight!

Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

-Daphne DeLoren ๐Ÿ™‚

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