Heavenly Weather Across the Mid State

HELLO, SUNSHINE! Today’s weather has been perfect and timing could not be more fitting to celebrate our Preds victory!


Before I get started…Image result for pointer finger emojiquick interruption! I’m looking for a ‘Viewer Photo’ of the night, to share on our 10 pm newscast. I love sharing your pictures and how you may have soaked up the sunshine today. Please include where and when the photo was taken and post to one of the following below:


Ok, back to it!


Rain-free and comfy temps in the upper 60s to lower 70s!

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

High pressure is the reason for this heavenly weather. It will continue to strengthen, which will warm things up in the days ahead.


First, we’ll have to brace another chilly morning, enough for a warm jacket as you head out the door tomorrow.WSMV SKY1 Morning

By the afternoon, we[‘re talking mid to upper 70s!DAPHNE iCast Temperature

By Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll be toasty in the upper 80s. Our rainy and stormy days of the week go to Thursday and Friday. This frontal boundary will bring cooler air by Friday, lasting for the entire weekend only touching the lower 70s.

7 Day PM

I’ll have the full breakdown of the weekend ahead coming up at 10 PM tonight. In the mean time, I”ll be on the hunt for my ‘Viewer Photo’ of the night! ‘See’ you soon!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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