Mixed Bag Saturday….Perfect Sunday

Today we’ll have a mixed bag of weather.  Tomorrow, my guess is you’ll agree, it’ll be about as good as it gets!

Outdoors this morning, it’s actually quite pretty with lots of sunshine.  Just a few spots have dense fog.

4WARN Live Doppler Radar in fog tracking mode shows especially dense fog over eastern Middle Tennessee (around Cookeville, Baxter, and Carthage).  Where you see the yellow, orange, or red, there’s dense fog.


Meanwhile, a deck of clouds is racing this way from the Midwest.


That’s a rain system that many of us will have to deal with for a time later today.


Here’s how the rain chance will play out today, geographically.


This shows our likelihood for rain through the day.

DT DAYPART RainChances

SO….know for any outdoor plans today, you might get wet if your time outside matches up with when the rain reaches your area.  It’s not going to rain long — probably an hour or so around Nashville.  Northeastern Middle Tennessee should receive the most rain with the longest duration (a few hours).

Southeast of Nashville, a few thundershowers will be possible.  There, a couple that develop could become severe with damaging wind and hail.  The Storm Prediction Center paints that area in a marginal (lowest level) threat for severe weather.

Finally, know it’ll be breezy at times today.  I know that will affect many of you with what you’re doing outside.

If you’re hosting or attending a Kentucky Derby watch party, this pretty much sums it up…


The forecast for the Derby (late this afternoon) should be nice (rain-free)….just chilly!


Back here at home, this is the forecast for Murfreesboro’s Main Street Jazz Festival:


For the Nashville Sounds this evening, it should be A-OK.  Any rain should be well past Nashville then, with just a few clouds and a cool breeze.


Check out todays’ FUTURECAST….

Tonight, this system will clear out and it’ll turn chilly again.  Then, gorgeous weather will take over for tomorrow.  I’ll tell you more about that and what’s in store for this coming week shortly, on Channel 4 News Today…..from 8am until 9am.  Please join us!




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