May 5: May-uary Weather, Daily Links


More widespread rain in the forecast today, and temperatures will be more reminiscent of late February, rather than early May.  This is a very unusual weather pattern, and its courtesy of a large-scale feature in the jet stream called an “Omega block”:

The jet stream pattern resembles the Greek letter omega (Ω) — the consequence for the eastern half of the country is wet and unsettled weather, while unseasonably warm weather out west pushes all the way up into Canada.

No thunderstorms expected today, just steady light rainfall.  The HRRR model’s radar simulation shows the rain finally pushing eastward by this evening:

Temperatures will only reach the mid 50s when that eastward “push” begins:

If that forecast high of 55 is correct, it would set a new record for the coolest high temperature on this date:

Remember it was just six days ago that we experienced the warmest April day on record in Nashville!  Crazy.

Clearing skies tonight, with lows in the mid 40s, then back up to around 70° Saturday:

Another brief round of showers will move through Saturday afternoon — the RPM model’s radar simulations shows that the showers will be scattered and short-lived, but you should still have an indoor alternative for outdoor plans:

The second half of the weekend is looking dry — almost chilly Sunday morning, but temperatures will reach up to near 70° again:

Temperatures return to normal next week, but there’s still significant uncertainty in terms of our rain chances…and that throws some uncertainty into the temperature forecast as well.  (More on the reasons why in the first of the nerd-links below.)  Stay tuned for potential changes as you’re making plans for next week:




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One Response to May 5: May-uary Weather, Daily Links

  1. Fred says:

    1954 all over again?! That year April set the record for the hottest ever, which would stand 63 years, until swept aside just a week ago, and was followed by the 3rd-coldest May (the only instance, so far, of April being hotter than May, although in 1925 and 1981 it came very close). Crazy, but it’s Nashvegas, ya know 😉

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