May 2: More Rain Ahead, Daily Links


A very nice spring day in store for us today — lots of sunshine, and temperatures will warm up rapidly to the mid to upper 70s this afternoon:

Still breezy today, but not as flat-out WINDY as yesterday!  If you’re heading downtown for the Preds’ game, the pre-game weather is looking great:

We’ll drop back to the low 50s overnight tonight:

Up to around 80° for a high temperature on Wednesday:

Quite a bit cooler along and north of the TN/KY state line, because you’ll see quite a bit more cloud cover overhead.

We could see a few showers Wednesday, but right now it looks like our rain chances during the day will be pretty sparse:

A much better chance of rain moves in Wednesday night, and that rain will linger all day Thursday and even into Friday:

It won’t rain everywhere all the time, but it’s just looking generally WET.  Fortunately, the severe weather threat will stay down to our south, and rainfall amounts should fall in the 1″-1.5″ range…not heavy enough to cause widespread flooding.

Because of the clouds, temperatures will be stuck in the 60s both Thursday and Friday, before we (mostly) dry out over the weekend:

Just a slight shower chance overnight Saturday.  We’ll keep you updated on that as the weekend draws closer.



A light day on the science-y sections of the interwebs yesterday, but there’s still some good reading material here…


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