Get Ready for Rain

After a couple dry days…..and BEAUTIFUL weather today for that matter, rain’s about to return to Middle Tennessee.

While some spots could actually use some, most of the Mid State is actually in good shape this year for rainfall.  At Nashville International Airport, this is how things stand…


Here’s how the rest of our area looks.  If you’re in the light gray region, you’re sitting at average, like Nashville.  If your community’s shaded in blue or green, you’re a few inches above average.  If you’re yellow, you’re a couple inches below average.


The reason we’re expecting rain is a system sliding our way from the Plains tonight.  Clouds are expanding as it gets organized.  Tomorrow, Gulf of Mexico moisture will start to get entrained into it, causing the rain shield to grow, too.


Here’s how the likelihood for rain will unfold tomorrow.

DT DAYPART RainChances

What that shows is during the day, most of you will miss rain altogether.  All I’m expecting are a few showers to pop up during the afternoon (if that).  Come tomorrow evening, the rain shield will blossom.

With little rain during the day tomorrow, temperatures will warm nicely, especially over southern Middle Tennessee.  A southeasterly breeze will pick up during the afternoon, driving in more humidity from Alabama and Mississippi as well.

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

Notice how rain will become a major weather headline for the remainder of the week.


Don’t think an 80% rain chance on Thursday means it’ll rain 80% of the time.  The rain on both Thursday and Friday will be periodic….so it’ll come in waves, with some dry times in between.

Here’s the latest look at FUTURECAST for tomorrow night through Friday.

This weekend, a few showers will be possible.  We’ll talk more about that coming up tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm.  Please….join us!




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