May 1: Looking Back at April, Daily Links


We just experienced the warmest April on record in Nashville!  The average temperature for the month was 65.9°, which tops the old record by more than a half-degree.  Three of the first four months of 2017 have ranked in the top 5 warmest for each of those individual months (5th-warmest January, 2nd-warmest February). The four-month January-April period is the warmest on record by almost a degree and a half!  That’s a HUGE departure when you’re dealing with a dataset of that size.

But as I’ve written and said many times, current weather is never a reliable indicator of future weather…at least in the short-term.  In fact, most of the first week of May is looking cooler than what we experienced for most of the month of April:

The Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for the entire month shows a pretty good chance that this will be our first below-average month in well over a year:

That’s enough big-picture stuff…let’s get into some local details.  The rain is moving off to the east, allowing cooler and breezy conditions to settle in for the rest of the day.  High temperatures will only reach the upper 60s this afternoon:

Winds will gust over 20 mph throughout the day:

We’ll drop to around 50° tonight:

But we’ll warm back up to the mid to upper 70s by Tuesday afternoon:

We’ll still reach the mid 70s Wednesday, before the next round of widespread rain moves in late Wednesday and sticks around Thursday:

No severe weather concerns in that time frame, but we’ll be on the lookout for some localized flooding.  Next weekend is looking cooler than normal, but pleasant!



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  1. Fred says:

    Some additional stats. Massive rainfall last month ended the drought, since the first 3 months were rather dry, especially February. April was the rainiest month since the record-wettest October of 2014. Almost 7″ of rain fell in the second half of the month with an additional 0.13″ today. Not only was it the hottest month of its name, the penultimate day shattered the record for the hottest day in April. The daily max of 91 tied the record for the highest temperature ever observed in April and combined with the previously unprecedented daily low of 73 to create the incredible average of 82 (appropriate for mid-July), smashing the 134 year-old record of 80, previously the only instance of an April daily mean reaching the 80-degree mark. January-April 2017 was nearly 4.5 degrees warmer than the corresponding period from last year. And just like last May, current month is forecasted to feature an extended spell of cooler-than-normal temperatures, a welcome relief, indeed.

  2. Fred says:

    To wrap up the story of the remarkable April we just had, and the superhot Saturday, the 29th, here’re the charts with the record high temperatures
    and highest dew point values for April

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