Severe Storm Threat Late Sunday

Strong-severe thunderstorms are possible for this afternoon & evening.  Damaging wind gusts are the primary threat.

The storms that are likely to develop/move in later will come from a huge storm system impacting more than a dozen states this morning.  It’s making for severe storms now along the Gulf Coast…and accumulating snow across the western Plains of Kansas & Nebraska!


As the cold front approaches the Mid State later today, our likelihood for rain and thunderstorms will increase.  The Storm Prediction has painted us in a Slight Risk area for severe storms (scale of 1 to 5….that’s a 2).  Easternmost Middle Tennessee has a lower threat where it’s termed “Marginal”.


In addition to damaging wind gusts from any rain bands or storms, gusty wind is likely all day today.  Southerly winds will be sustained between 20 and 30mph, with gusts to 40mph or higher.  Because of that, the National Weather Service in Nashville has issued a Wind Advisory Middle Tennessee.


SO….things to consider today, with this anticipated active weather include:


Outdoors now, it’s cloudy….and mild.


The clouds are actually rather thick, limiting how much the sun is warming our area.  Those clouds WILL have an impact on our storms later today.  The cooler we are, the less intense the rain bands and storms will be.  SO…hope for thick clouds to linger all day!  I do anticipate at least a little sunshine to make it through though.  That’ll allow temperatures to climb up into the lower 80s for many of us.

Right now, it appears storms will arrive along the TN River by early afternoon, reaching Nashville by mid-late afternoon.  Once that initial wave of rain moves through, additional rain and storms are likely tonight, as the cold front gets even closer and ultimately passes by.  Storms this afternoon will likely be the strongest ones.  Those this evening (after sunset) will likely be weaker.  Any however could produce damaging wind gusts.  Of course this timing could change some, as it hinges in part on what hasn’t even developed yet to our southwest.  If anything, the timing will be a little later vs. earlier.

SO…there’s lots to watch today.  We’ll have updates as necessary on and on social media.  Be sure to tune in to Daphne DeLoren this evening on Channel 4 News at 5pm for the latest as well.

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