Active Weekend for Weather

There’s a lot going on this weekend for activities out and about!  The weather will absolutely play a role.  It’ll actually be headline-grabbing on BOTH days!

Today, the big story will be high heat & humidity!  It’s going to feel more like July than late April.

Outdoors now, temperatures are running in the 70s.


Dew points are in the 60s.  The dew point is a reflection of how muggy it feels outdoors.  Anytime we have dew points in the 60s, it feels humid.  When they’re in the 70s, it feels oppressive!


SO…the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon runners are sweating it out this morning!  Here’s the forecast for the remainder of the races…


We’ve had some clouds around which have helped, but SOME sunshine is now making its way through.


If you’re heading to the Main Street Festival today in Franklin, plan on HEAT.  Drink plenty of water and remember sunscreen.


The Nashville Sounds are at First Tennessee Park tonight, hosting the New Orleans Baby Cakes.  It’ll be a perfect night for a ballgame!


Highs this afternoon will look like this…

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

While an isolated shower or storm is possible late this afternoon, it’s certainly not likely.  Rain chance is around 10%.

Tomorrow, however, our rain chance will increase a great deal.  The culprit is the cluster of clouds, rain, and even snow over the Plains this morning.


While a few showers are possible early tomorrow, especially well northwest of Nashville, rain is most likely later in the day.  Timing isn’t etched in stone, however.  The computer models have had great difficulty coming in line with one another on this.  Right now it appears the most likely scenario will have storms reaching the TN River between 1pm and 4pm…..and in Nashville between 4pm and 8pm.  Any storms could be strong-severe with damaging wind gusts, especially along/west of I-65.  An isolated tornado or two will also be possible.


Going to the Preds game tomorrow afternoon?  Be sure to take your umbrella, in case it’s stormy as you exit!  It very well could be.


Coming up in moments on Channel 4 News at 8:30am, we’ll talk more about tomorrow’s storm threat.  Alan Frio, Brionna Arredondo, and Kim St. Onge will have today’s news and live updates from marathon, as well!



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  1. Fred says:

    Whew! It Does feel like July outdoors. While it still may be a little early, we could say hello, before waving goodbye, to the hottest April ever. Low temp today was 73. As it’s unlikely we’ll drop lower than that by midnight, this should become the highest daily minimum temperature for the month of April. Previously, the record was 72, observed in 1883 and 1899. In fact, this is the first time since 1963 that temperature never fell below 70-degree mark on an April day. Should we hit 90 this afternoon, it would be the first 90 reading for that month since 2011. Another record that’s certain to fall is the highest daily mean for April. So far it’s been 80, which occurred just once, way back in 1883.

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