Nicest Day of the Week Just Hours Away

The nicest day of the week is just hours away!  In the meantime, many of us are stuck under this pesky deck of clouds.

Here’s how it looks from the satellite, in outer space…


The underside of this deck of clouds shows many holes, at least around Nashville.


Gradual clearing will continue into this evening.  Notice how FUTURECAST is showing the night will unfold.

Because of all the recent rain and the fact that the wind will go calm overnight, areas of dense fog are likely to form by dawn.  SO…if you’ll be part of tomorrow morning’s commute, be sure to allow a few extra minutes to deal with any slow spots on the roads.

DT Morning Fog

Speaking of rain, so many of you have asked me how much rain we received this weekend  That’s a great question!  It seemed like it would never quit.  The National Weather Service in Nashville posted this graphic a short time ago on their website.  It shows rainfall since Thursday night.


Many of us however get dumped on last Tuesday night, too!  SO….I created the image below, from Doppler Radar rainfall estimates, which shows how much fell over the last 7 days.  The encircled area indicates where at least 5″ (or very close to that) fell.


After tomorrow morning’s fog burns off, we’ll be smooth sailing into the afternoon!  The wind will be light, so all in all it’ll be a very pleasant day.  In fact, I’m calling it the nicest of the next seven!

WSMV Day Planner Half

Since tomorrow will be the nicest for a while to come, you can infer that means more rain, thunderstorms, and clouds are in store through the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.  In fact, over the next week, we expect at least a few weather systems that will make for heavy downpours and storms.

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll delve deeper into when and where those rounds of storms will occur.  We’ll also look at which days will feel like mid summer, and which will have rather cool nights.  Join us!


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One Response to Nicest Day of the Week Just Hours Away

  1. Fred says:

    The most “reliably wet” of the spring months has done it again. Considering that we had measured only 0.44 ” of rain the first half of April, from Easter through Sunday, 23rd every day (except the 19th) was rainy and a whopping 6.47 ” was added to the month-to-day total, which already exceeds the monthly average by a wide margin. With more rain to come, this April is likely to end up with more than 7 in of measurable precipitation, making the unusually dry last April seem like an aberration it most likely was. And should the forecast hold, this month has a legit chance of becoming the hottest of its name or, at least, make it to the top 3, alongside 1954 and 2006.

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