Rainy Days and Mondays

After a stunning weekend, it is a rainy day and a Monday.  Rain and thunderstorms really ramped up this afternoon and into the evening producing some flash flooding and some lightning.

This picture was tweeted from Franklin this afternoon at the Factory. This woman was stranded in her car for a period of time.  It was an estimated 2″ to 3″ of rain that fell in a short period time triggering the flooding.

LS Flooding

In Fairview 2.5″ fell. No need to estimate here.

LS PICTURE vertical.png

None of the storms in Middle Tennessee reached severe levels but there was a a lot of lightning.

LS Lightnight


The rain is moving out tonight, but there is more in the forecast for tomorrow. Here’s the latest depiction of Futurecast. There will be some showers in the morning along with some fog. The rain and thunderstorms will become more widespread in the afternoon. But it still looks like the storms will stay below severe criteria because of low instability and weak wind shear.

The front that is the focus for the rain and storms should dissolve by Wednesday, lessening the chance of rain and thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be in the low 80s both days.

Thursday night into Friday, a weak front will drop down from the north triggering a few more showers and thundershowers.  It will also lower the afternoon temperatures to the mid 70s Friday.


I’ll have an update on Channel 4 News at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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