Easter Weekend Looks Mostly Eggcellent

The Easter weekend’s upon us…and for the most part, it’s going to work out just fine, weatherwise!

Today definitely will.  What a beauty it is already!  Here’s a look at 9am temperatures:


Notice there’s quite a bit of sunshine in our area.  A few contrails and high clouds are also moving through, too.

Throughout today, temperatures will climb steadily with more sunshine than clouds.  It won’t get as hot as yesterday, when we set a new high temperature record of 89 degrees.  It will however feel more like late May or early June!


The chance for a pop-up shower this afternoon is just 10%….so the vast majority of Middle Tennessee won’t have ANY rain.

Looking for something fun to do today?  Here are a few great options…




Tomorrow, rain will reenter the picture for a good many of us.


DT DAYPART RainChances

Throughout the day, the most likely area to have rain will be northwestern Middle Tennessee.  The least likely will be the southeastern tier.  During the morning, there will only be a few light showers.  However, later in the day once it warms up, widely scattered showers and thunderstorms will form.  FUTURECAST’s rendering of this looks good.  Don’t expect the exact placement and timing of tomorrow’s rain to look like this.  Just use the images below as a guide as to how the day could go.  It should work out in a very similar way.

For an update on tomorrow’s rain, and what the rest of the week looks like, be sure to watch Daphne DeLoren on Channel 4 News this evening.

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  1. Fred says:

    The first half of April is drawing to a close predictably hot and dry. We’ve logged so far only 0.44 ” of rain with just 3 days of measurable precipitation. One year ago, there was an even drier start to April, as there had been a measly 0.3″ observed in the first 20 days of the month and it ended up 5th driest April on record. In the March summary, it was noted that in the last 15 years only one March (2008) was somewhat wetter than average (it was actually considered pretty normal at the time), something that never occurred previously. Since the start of 21st century, April has generally been the most reliably wet month in Nashville. Even though the month of May has had the most total rainfall, every May past 2010, the year of the infamous flood, has been on the drier side, the last four particularly so. Sounding like a broken record, it’s almost a foregone conclusion, at this point, that this month will add to the record hot streak, as of yesterday it was 6.5 degrees above the norm, and all forecast models indicate that unseasonable warmth will continue for at least another week, so this April may well wind up amongst the warmest months of its name. Even if we wont see another daily high record like we did yesterday, the nighttime lows promise to be quite high for the foreseeable future. The hottest April was in 1954. Just a tenth of a degree less was April of 2006, which is also remembered for its deadly tornado outbreaks. Year to date, we’re already over 5 degrees (massive advantage) above where we were last year, which was the warmest ever. That’s all for now, enjoy the beautiful day!

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