4 Things to Know About Our Upcoming Weather

Our list of 4 things you should know about our upcoming weather is unique for April, in the sense there are no severe storms on the horizon!  Let’s have a look at what made today’s list.

1) It’ll be breezy & warm the next two days.

The map below summarizes well what we’re anticipating both today and tomorrow.

DT 15

A light south wind’s already getting established over western Middle Tennessee.  It should ramp up quite a bit more by mid morning and continue to increase as we get toward late afternoon for all of us.  By 3pm, we’ll have south winds sustained at 10-20 mph, gusting to near 30 mph.


DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

Highs throughout the region will be very similar tomorrow.

2) Rain returns Tuesday.

The system we’re watching for Tuesday is currently out in the Plains.  There’s not much with it — just some clouds right now.


As it moves into our area, it won’t have much to work with in terms of support to sustain strong storms, so we’ll just have scattered showers accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.  Not everyone will get rain…so if you need some for a newly planted garden for example, hope for the best!

3) This week will end on a nice note!

After the rain system for Tuesday departs, Wednesday afternoon through Saturday look great!


4) Rain is possible on Easter Sunday.

Another weak cold front looks increasingly likely to be in the neighborhood on Easter Sunday (one week from today).  That front will likely trigger SOME showers and thunderstorms.


It’s far too early to time any areas of rain.  Because it’s a week away, it’s even possible the forecast will change and we’ll end up staying dry all day.  However, at least for now, I see some sort of shower/storm chance….so if you’re planning an outdoor Easter egg hunt, make sure you start considering a back-up plan in case rain actually pans out for us.

Alan Frio and I are back on TV on Channel 4 News Today in moments (8am – 9am).  SO…grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join us.  We thank you in advance :)!



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