Fantastic Weekend Plus a Break from Severe Weather

You read the title of this blog and it just has to make you feel good!  We’ve got a “Perfect 10” of a weekend ahead…plus, there’s no threat for severe weather for at least the next seven days!  Woohoo!!!

Outdoors this morning, it IS cold though.  Look at temperatures as of 7:35am today.


At least it’s sunny, so if you can put yourself in sunshine and have a jacket, you’ll be all set.  This is the view over Nashville…


Clarksville is nice & bright.


Down in Cool Springs — no complaints.


Here’s the way it looks in a few other communities:

We DO have frost in some of the coldest areas.  Very few if any towns/cities got down to freezing though.  Our Freeze Warning expires at 8am.


The wind will be light today.  We’ll have sunshine right until sunset, too.  SO…you can’t ask for better weather for the many events going in the Mid State.  Need something to do?  Consider these…

If you want to do some planting today, I think you’ll be fine to do so.  While additional frost isn’t out of the question, it’s unlikely based on what I’m seeing in the long-term computer models.  I also truly believe we’re done with any freeze threat.


Tomorrow will be warmer from start to finish, so that means no frost tonight.  The frost reference you see on the graphic below was in reference to THIS morning.  When I get home this morning, I plan to take the plants back outdoors that I brought in last night.  You can do the same!  They’ll be fine moving forward.

DT WeekendOutlookBASIC_NoEmoji

Our next chance for rain arrives Tuesday, but it’ll be with a weakening cold front.  There will be very little support in the upper atmosphere for big storms, so just expect some showers and a few run-of-the mill thundershowers.  Based on what I’m seeing in the forecast charts this morning, severe weather won’t steer clear for just the next week.  It’ll likely avoid us into at least part of the following week, too.

I’ll be back on Channel 4 News at 8:30am until 9:30am with more on our upcoming weather.  Alan Frio will also be there to give you what you missed in news developments overnight.  We hope you tune in!


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