4 Things to Know About Our Weather

There are 4 things you should know about our weather.  They are…

1) We’ll have a huge temperature swing today.

Temperatures started off on a chilly note this morning.  We had 40s…and even a few 30s.  Now, as of 9am, it’s in the 50s….so a light jacket might still be a good thing for some of you.


It’s bright and sunny though, and this time of year the sun is quite strong — comparable to mid September’s sun.  SO…we’ll warm up nicely!


Check out highs this afternoon, below.  In fact, already by midday we should be at 70 in Nashville.

DT CITYCAST 3D1_EffectRandomDots_16x9

2) Rain & storms arrive late tonight.

There’s a large complex of rain and storms over the Southern Plains now.


That’s creating severe weather today in Texas and Louisiana.


Clouds will increase with it here in Middle Tennessee late this afternoon.  Tonight, showers and storms will move in, but for most of us that will happen after midnight.  Through the overnight, you may also notice the breeze increasing outdoors (from an occasional rattle of the windows or siding (if you have siding on your house)).

We’ll have periods of rain and storms tomorrow, with the best chance for severe weather remaining over Alabama and Georgia.  In Middle Tennessee, there could be a strong storm or two…but if that happens, it’s most likely to occur well southeast of Nashville.


The last of the showers should move out late tomorrow night.

3) Best day of the week will be Tuesday.

Monday’s storm system will be gone.  SO…it’ll turn partly cloudy and be pleasant.  With light wind, expect a low in the mid 50s and a high in the low 70s — fantastic weather for enjoying most anything outside.

4) Chilly air arrives by late week!

More rain and storms will pass through Wednesday.  Then, on the back side of THAT system, chilly air will take over for Thursday and Friday.  Spotty frost will even be possible as we kick off next weekend….so keep that in mind if you’ll be getting a jump start on spring planting today.


Have a fantastic Sunday….and enjoy the outdoors/beautiful weather as much as you can!


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