Showers and Storms March Through

After a beautiful finish to the week, the weather pattern makes a little U-turn to kick start the weekend. Mainly cloudy skies, wind gusts up to 33 mph in Nashville, and thundershowers are the main highlights. Here’s a peak outside our Downtown camera…mood setter for a movie and popcorn kinda night, huh?


Ready for some good news? The Storm Prediction Center lifts the ‘Slight Risk’ for severe storm development off, keeping a ‘Marginal Risk’ around. Clouds combine with lower humidity to create a more stable atmosphere. We’re not completely out of the woods for a few strong to severe storms (damaging winds will be the greatest threat) but safe to say…things are looking much better.


Here’s a RADAR UPDATE (3:43 PM) — Light to moderate and a few heavy downpours are marching through Nashville, Murfreesboro, Manchester and Winchester, just to name a few…VIDEO RADAR

Here’s a wider view, showing the bulk of the mess currently to our south, hammering parts of Mississipi and Alabama…VIDEO VIPIR

Let’s check in with Futurecast for timing of the showers and storms this evening through Sunday…DD RPM 4KM EVENINGDD RPM 4KM EVENING2DD RPM 4KM EVENING3DD RPM 4KM EVENING4DD RPM 4KM EVENING5DD RPM 4KM EVENING6

Lingering moisture will keep showers and a few storms in the picture, mainly Sunday morning but areas to the east could see a few more showers pop up during the early afternoon.

If you’re looking for fun plans, you may want to check out the Nashville Chilli Festival! Our very own Joe Dubin will be the judge of some fine tasting chilli, which starts around noon. Sounds like a great time!DAPHNE EVENT 1A

Get out there tomorrow and ENJOY the drier finish to the weekend as more showers and potentially severe thunderstorms return as soon as Monday.7 Day PM

I’ll have updates coming up on Channel 4 at 5, 6 & 10 tonight! Hope you join me!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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