Freezing Mornings Ahead

Afternoon temperatures today hovered in the mid 30s; that plus  clouds, flurries and a brisk wind made for a less than delightful day to be outside for any length of time. LISA Social Panel Pictures Tunnel

There will be a few more flurries this evening, no significant accumulation is expected. Here’s the latest depiction from Futurecast.

The clouds will clear tonight and the temperatures will drop even lower.  Clouds act as a blanket to hold in heat. When the sky clears radiational cooling is allowed to take place. That is what will happen tonight. The temperatures will tumble to near 20 degrees and the teens for areas along the Cumberland Plateau.


Not much of a rebound tomorrow, but at least the sun will be out. President Trump will be in town tomorrow. If you are planning to go to the speech, make sure to be prepared for the cold in case you have to stand outside for a while.  The doors open at Municipal Auditorium at 3:30pm.


Temperatures do start to rebound by Thursday. It will be bitterly cold in the morning, but the afternoon warms to 52 degrees. Friday for St. Patrick’ Day it will be even warmer with some showers and thunderstorms.  Nothing severe is expected right now.  The is weekend will be dry with mild high near 60 degrees.


I’ll have an update tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer


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2 Responses to Freezing Mornings Ahead

  1. jgriggs913gmailcom says:

    Global. Warming.


    • Lisa Spencer says:

      A couple of freezing mornings in March is “weather”. Global Warming is a description of “climate”. So I hope you weren’t trying to say that a few cold mornings disproves that over all Earth is getting warmer. Perhaps I misunderstood your comment.

      Thanks for reading,


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